If you want to visit a fun and sunny country, the Philippines is the best place to go. The cities are full of activities, art and history and the beaches and mountains aren’t far. However, you should not just visit a country without learning how to plan for it first. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your trip to Manila.

Check the Weather Forecast

While the Philippines is a tropical country, that does not mean that it is sunny all the time. In fact, the Philippines typically has four distinct climate zones, but usually, there is a sunny season and a rainy season. If you go to the Philippines during the summer in America, it could be the rainy season for the Philippines. You have to be aware that the rain in Manila can be intense, especially since it is notorious for typhoons, and the humidity can get to you. Try to plan a trip to Manila when you know the weather will be rather sunny.

Read Reviews

While Manila can be a fantastic place, that does not mean each place will give you the best experience. For instance, you might end up eating at a restaurant you don’t like, along with lousy service if you are not careful. It would help if you looked up reviews about the hotels and restaurants before you go there. Travel forums are brutally honest, so you will know what to expect before you pay for anything.

Know Where to Exchange Cash

Fees are pretty much inevitable when you want to exchange cash in all countries. You want to find the lowest fees possible. We recommend that you do not use ATMs because the commissions can add up a lot. However, certain banks will not charge foreign credit cards for commissions that you can use.

Prepare for Transportation

woman driving a car

You might be excited about riding a trike or a jeepney when you land in the Philippines. They are cheap and fun ways to get around the city, but it can be hard if you are not with a local. For instance, you need to tell the jeepney to stop when you arrive at your destination, which can be hard, especially if you can’t see the side of the streets. Plus, the traffic can be bad, and staying under the heat for that long could put a damper on your plans. Instead of hailing costly cabs at every corner, you can find a car for rent in Manila that is self-driving so you can drive yourself around in comfort.

Travel Light

With any country that you go to, you should travel light, but it is especially true for visits to Manila. The weather can get hot and humid so that you can pack lots of thin and light clothes in one suitcase. Plus, it will save you from paying more for check-in luggage. You can also make up for it in the Philippines since there are so many places to go shopping.

These are just some of the helpful tips when planning to visit Manila. It is also advisable to read more about the city’s ordinance and policies to avoid getting penalized by the local authorities.

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