Utah is surrounded by nature and its outdoor culture is one of the reasons Utahns are one of the fittest and healthiest people in the nation. Enjoying the great outdoors will only take a few minutes of driving — and you can choose from a multitude of activities. Some of them are:

Cruising World-Class ATV Trails

The mountains of Utah are home to some of the best ATV trails in the nation. Salt Lake City residents can take a 30-minute drive to the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and ride endlessly across the 2-million acre forest that crosses the Utah-Wyoming border. The ATV trails in the forest are quite popular — drawing visitors from outside the state because of their vastness and the high chances of spotting wildlife.

For more serious riders, a 3-hour trip south will lead you to the Paiute Trails in Fishlake National Forest. The Paiute Trails rank among the Top 5 best ATV trails in the nation — with the main trail that encompasses 275 miles. The whole trail network encompasses 2,000 miles — so you’ll never run out of trails to discover and things to do. Visitors often mix in a bit of fishing and camping in their outdoor adventures, as one day is not enough to enjoy the glorious sights and challenging terrain.

Whether you’re using new or pre-ownedATVs in Salt Lake City, you’ll surely enjoy cruising the world-class trails of Utah.

Utah Outdoor

Hiking and Climbing at High Elevations

Utah has thousands of miles of hiking trails and a 30-minute drive can lead you to one of them from any location in the state. Utah’s forest and mountain trails offer fantastic vistas and a chance to observe the numerous fauna found in the area. Get a feel for hiking with treks in Bell Canyon or Cascade Springs — before challenging High Uintas, Utah’s highest mountain range. Hiking in Utah may seem a bit more difficult than ordinary hiking — and indeed it is. Elevation makes the air thinner, making your lungs work a bit harder and robbing your body of moisture faster. Pack an extra bottle or two of water and don’t forget to bring your phone or camera to capture the magnificent views and awesome moments.

Doing Morning Runs before Work

You don’t need a whole weekend to enjoy the outdoors. 30-minute morning runs can give you a boost of endorphins and sunlight — giving you the energy to make it through the day while also perking up your mood. Salt Lake City has a wonderful park and river trails for running, or you can take a short drive to the Great Salt Lake trails and get a bit closer to nature. Regular runs are a great way to regulate your weight and the morning sunlight will lock your biological clock — resulting in regular and restful sleep. While morning runs are excellent, don’t forget to apply a healthy dose of sunscreen. Utah’s elevation increases the concentration of ultraviolet radiation hitting the state by 25-50 percent — so make sure to get a bit of protection.

Utah’s outdoors are meant to be enjoyed. Whether you’re hiking, running, or driving your ATV — leave the bustle of the city for a while and enjoy the majestic sights and sounds that nature provides.

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