It’s easy to find a present for your female friends, but it might be difficult for some females to find the right gift for their guy friends. Some women can admittedly become awkward or unsure of what they would gift their best male friends or a man they like when given a chance. Sometimes, that is because they aren’t aware of what the guy might want to have. If you’re one of these fretful females, read on to know some gift suggestions.

Just Ask Him

Really, that’s all you have to do. Tell him that you’re planning to get him a gift, then ask for his opinion. Most men are inherently straightforward when it comes to what they want. You can also give your friend options if you don’t want to ask directly, which makes choosing a gift so much easier for both of you. It’ll not only save you the embarrassment of giving him something they don’t like, but it will also simplify your friendship.

Know from His Family or Friends

If the gift is meant to be a surprise, then it’s a good idea to ask his closest friends for reliable information. If they’re people you can genuinely trust to keep a secret, you can get the best details from them regarding your friend’s favorite items. If they don’t offer any options, they can still support your quest by their yea or nay regarding your gifting ideas. Doing it this way can help you avoid having to directly confront your friend about what he wants for a gift.

Have Out-of-the-Box Ideas

Contrary to common belief, men can like beautiful and delicate things, too. A man has as much right to enjoy fine china, potted plants, and moissanite jewelry as much as a woman has the right to own motorcycles and a .45 caliber. You can look through their online posts or listen to their raves so that you can gift them with something meaningful despite the present being labeled as “less masculine.” Labels should not stop you from providing him something that he will surely like.

Be Practical

Man holding gifts for Christmas at home

You cannot go wrong with giving something that is proven to be useful. Like anyone, men also have necessities to cover, so you can take the route of practicality. For example, does your friend need a new tint for his car? You can address this need and bring his vehicle to an automotive tint shop in Arizona or a nearby area. Have it tinted as necessary and cover the expenses. This way, you not only give him something useful but also lessen the costs he has.

The market today is full of seemingly gender-specific or role-specific gifts. These categories make gift-giving easier for particular occasions or people, but they can also polarize presents that are meant to be given to the “regular guy.” Remember to set aside your misgivings about men (or anyone, for that matter). Think about what your friend is like and what he likes instead. This way, you can give him something that will be worthwhile.

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