Many motorists struggle with spiking car running costs, unaware that they can do something to lower them. Carefully examining your driving habits can help you eliminate these destructive habits and save some money.

Nothing lowers the car owning experience than being saddled with high maintenance costs. These costs can encourage you to neglect your automobile, leading to its rapid depreciation. Here are some proven ways to keep your vehicle in great shape without burning a hole in your wallet:

Don’t buy into all marketing gimmicks

It’s no secret that marketers are to get as much of your money as they possibly can. In most cases, they might create hype around a new and revolutionary product that is likely to improve your motoring experience. You have to see through these gimmicks and hang on to your hard-earned money. High octane fuel sits at the top of this list.

Unless the manufacturer explicitly recommends it, you have no business buying high octane fuel. Otherwise, you’ll only succeed in burning away good money. It has no effect on the car’s performance nor will it make it run more efficiently or get you better mileage. The only time it might be beneficial to use this kind of fuel is when your engine is “knocking.” Of course, if your engine is in that state, you will only be treating the symptoms.

Refine your driving habits


Your conduct behind the wheel has a considerable bearing on your car-running costs. Aggressive drivers have to make do with hefty car maintenance tabs, especially when careening over corners and speeding over rough roads. Such driving habits tax the car’s systems to no end, increasing their wear and tear. They also increase your likelihood of getting into a traffic accident or getting a speeding ticket.

Too many speeding violations on your driving record sets off a chain of unfortunate events that can cost you thousands of dollars. A moving violation can set you back between $75 and $400 in fines depending on how far you exceeded the limits. Too many moving violations can lead to suspended driving privileges, setting you down the expensive process of reinstating them.

Pick your parking spots carefully

Your parking spots have a considerable influence on the state of your car and by extension, your car-running bill. If you’re continually leaving it under the harsh glare of the sun, be ready to spend more on commercial window films and other forms of maintenance. Sunlight degrades the paintwork on your ride, leaving it exposed and susceptible to damages.

When the car’s bodywork absorbs the sun’s heat, the paint fades and becomes discolored. The hood and boot are more prone to discoloration. Additionally, the sun’s heat causes extensive damage to the dashboard, causing it to split and crack. The weather also causes the upholstery to age quickly, causing it to dry up and crack.

If you’re continually battling high car-running costs, you might want to take a moment and rethink your driving habits. You might find that some of the innocuous habits only serve to drive up your maintenance costs. Eliminating these money sinks can lower your bills and improve your motoring experience.

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