Farm quad bikes aren’t just fun; they’re also very useful. You might have rented one before and, thus, decided to buy your own. If this is the case, then the following factors should guide you in making that decision:

Consider the age of the user

Farm quad bike products to be used properly has something to do with the weight distribution of the rider. This is why for a smooth and fun ride, you’d want an ATV that’s appropriate for the age of the person using it. The heaviest ATVs weigh around 550 kg and are ideal for good carriers.

The general weight is 400 kg and good for general use. Finally, there’s the 350 kg which is the lightest and ideal for young users. While there are 4 wheels, quad bikes are actually tough to use.

Don’t be fooled by the large seating capacity — this is to help the driver with positioning and not to carry another passenger.

Check the size of the engine

Going for a huge engine might seem like a good idea, but you should choose one that you know you can handle. Thrill seekers often opt for something around 705 to 1,000 cc which is incredibly powerful — but not for new users. If you’re brand new at this, anything between 450 cc to 500 cc is enough. A more powerful engine means you’ll have a harder time controlling it.

Choose the right tires for your terrain

Tires in a warehouseThe type of tires you have is crucial because they can dictate the level of safety you have. If you’re using it on the road, for example, you’d want tires that allow for an additional grip on the flat surface. Fortunately, there’s something called universal tires which can be used on off-road paths.

They’re the typical tires used for rented ATVs which makes a lot of sense. Some tires are specifically created for off-road and are best used only for an extreme situation. Fortunately, brand new quad bikes mean that the tires are pristine as opposed to old ATVs.

Check if the ATV is legal on the road

Some ATV models can be legally used on the road — but many are not. If you have no intention of using it on the road, there shouldn’t be any problem. If there’s a slight chance, however, you might want to check with the local enforcement first. Otherwise, you might be issued a ticker or have the item impounded.

Take the time to compare

Don’t forget to do some comparisons when buying an ATV. You’d want to establish a budget and keep it within that amount. Most ATV’s are bought on credit, which means that your credit score has to be pretty good if you want to get excellent rates.

If you want something cheaper, you can buy a used ATV, but credit options may be a little tougher to negotiate if you buy directly from the owner.

Of course, don’t forget that it’s perfectly possible to buy a quad bike secondhand. If this is your goal, then you’ll have to take into consideration factors other than those already mentioned here.

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