Buying a used pickup truck is more complicated than purchasing a used sedan. There is an extensive assortment of powertrains, trim levels and configurations for most models offered. Many pickup truck dealers in New Zealand offer pre-owned pickup trucks that come in various configurations. If you need help in choosing the right pre-owned pickup truck, it’s best to keep these four tips in mind.

Hauling and Towing

One thing to consider when purchasing a pre-owned pickup truck is how much towing and hauling the truck has done. If a truck has spent 50,000 miles hooked to a large trailer, it’s likely to have caused some significant wear and tear on the trucks mechanics.

The easiest way to know how much work a truck has done is to just simply ask the previous owner. However, you cannot always rely on them as they may give you a rough estimate of the truck’s use. It’s best to take the truck for a mechanical inspection before purchasing it. This is suitable for trucks that have obvious effects of towing and hauling such as a bent rear license plate, a well-worn tow hitch or a cable wire for a trailer’s brake lights.

Check for Off-Road Use

pickup truck at the desertAnother factor to consider when buying a used truck is how exactly the previous owner used it. Many pre-owned trucks have had a pampered in-town service life, but some have been used in farms, ranches or fields – as they were intended to be used. The issue with this type of use is that it can cause a lot of wear to the truck’s tire treads, chassis and suspension.

To check for off-road use, go under the truck to look at its underside. If you notice a lot of scratches, bent parts and scrapes, it might have had a tough service life off-road. Although this is not necessarily a reason to avoid purchasing the truck, it’s a red flag that might warrant a mechanical inspection by a professional.

Commercial Use Pickups

Many pickup trucks were bought by businesses and used as delivery vehicles for various applications such as hauling heavy goods or transportation for contractors. Due to many businesses selling pre-owned pickup trucks, it may be difficult to avoid choosing one that’s had commercial use. If you are buying this type of truck, consider hiring a mechanic to do some inspections before buying it. Businesses are not as careful with maintenance as compared to private owners so be sure that there were no important services overlooked.

Take A Test Drive

You should test drive any vehicle before finally purchasing it. During the test drive, give the breaks a workout and accelerate hard. This helps bring the engine up to operating temperatures. A 20-minute test drive should be sufficient enough to reveal any issues with steering, suspension and transmission.

To make sure nothing is wrong with the truck, consider creating a checklist that includes the alignment of the wheels, a smooth shift in transmission, strong breaks and more. Contacting a mechanic can ensure peace of mind that your chosen pre-owned truck is in good working condition.

Choosing the right pre-owned pickup truck is difficult since used trucks often exceed normal wear. However, if you follow these four tips before purchasing a used pickup truck, you will end up with a vehicle that serves you for years to come.

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