One of the reasons people prefer trucks over other vehicle options is their available space for carrying items. Most truck beds are about six feet long and will comfortably handle furniture, grocery shopping, and other regular-sized items. When you need to move things that will not fit this length safely, a bed extender will be the solution for you. This will add one or several feet to the bed of your truck and make it perfect for loading bigger items.

Bed extenders are among the fastest moving products at a truck accessories shop based in Salt Lake City, Utah and other states. These cage-like devices are flipped back and forth and will hook effortlessly to your truck when professionally installed; therefore, maximizing the use of your truck.

Here are the bed extender alternatives you have for your vehicle:

Tailgate Extender

This allows you to extend the bed of your truck up to its tailgate. Tailgate extenders are available as metal bars that can be locked in place on your tailgate’s rear. They will allow the safe hauling of long cargo such as pipes and metal sheets. There are two variants of tailgate extenders. The folding style extender will be folded and rested on your truck’s tailgate if you are not using it. This way, it occupies minimal space.

The swinging style extender, on the other hand, will rest on the truck’s bed. It will prove useful when you want to secure small items against your truck bed’s side without extending their length.

Loading Extender

This comprises several metal bars that will be mounted on your truck’s trailer and will extend beyond the tailgate. They give your truck a platform where heavy and long loads will rest when being transported. The loading extender will, therefore, be useful for truck owners who carry long and bulky items such as lumber. The loading extender has more length and is more stable compared to the tailgate extender. It will not fall off your truck even when you suddenly brake.

Loading Ramp Extender

car about to be towedThis features a loading ramp and an extender within one unit. Loading ramp extenders resemble tailgate extenders, though their sides will fold up flat and become the loading ramp. They are generally used by truck owners who transport bikes and motorcycles regularly on their trucks. The ramp on the extender reduces your struggle when loading the bike or motorcycle.

Bed Slide Extender

This will be installed in your truck’s bed and will roll out to allow you to access cargo easily. It is ideally used to store small tools and supplies that would otherwise be scattered in your truck. Bed slide extenders can be customized to handle load limits of 1000-3000 lbs.

Truck manufacturers have come up with various technologies to guarantee the optimal performance of their vehicles. The innovations might, however, not suffice for all truck owners. There are several options for the customization of your truck to ensure that it will meet your needs. The above truck bed extenders are among the customization options. Other than the extenders, you can get bed liners, covers, tents, and organizers to boost the efficacy of your truck for carrying loads.

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