As a car owner, it is your responsibility to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. But while there are specific issues that you can ignore, some problems warrant immediate attention. When ignored, these warning signs could put your car in more trouble and endanger your life on the road. Here are some of them:

Dashboard Light Won’t Stop Blinking

A steady light on your dashboard is already a bad sign that something is wrong in your car. But these are one of those issues you can set aside while driving. A flashing light, on the other hand, could mean that your engine has severely misfired or that unburned fuel has gotten into your exhaust system. Either way, you need to bring your vehicle to a Honda repair technician in Salt Lake City immediately.

Car Keeps Making Strange Noises

If you are hearing something you shouldn’t be hearing, take it as your cue to have your vehicle checked right away. Your auto could make plenty of different sounds to send you mixed messages. A scraping metal-on-metal sound could mean that some component is broken. A squealing noise could mean that your brake pads are worn. A crunching noise could be a sign that the fluids need replacement. A whining sound from under the hood could be a warning that your battery is overheating.

Vehicle Is Emitting Smoke

Smoke always spells trouble. If white steam is coming out from under the bonnet, it usually means your battery is overheating, which puts your radiator in trouble. If the exhaust is emitting more smoke than usual and you notice a burning smell, that can be an indication of an oil leak. To watch for signs of overheating, keep an eye out on the temperature gauge on your dashboard. If it’s going up while you’re driving, pull over and then wait for the engine to cool before you start it again. If you don’t have an appointment, consider taking your auto to a mechanic as soon as possible.

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Liquid Is Dripping Somewhere

When you notice water dripping under your vehicle during the summer, it is usually coming from your car’s air conditioner. In this case, the dripping is regular. Other than this, the leak could be an indication of a problem in the engine or brake. Especially if the fluid is black, dark brown, pink, or red, don’t ignore it. Take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible because your safety is obviously at risk.

Engine Keeps Shaking or Chugging

As soon as you experience discomfort in driving and riding your car, you should take it as a warning sign that something is wrong. When you start to notice that speed bumps are becoming a problem or the tires are scraping on the ground, it’s time to have your car checked to see if it needs a tune-up.

The key is to pay close attention to the way your car performs on the road and bring it to a technician when you notice something weird going on. Repairs could cost you money, but no amount of money could buy your peace your mind. Be a responsible owner by ensuring your safety and of those with whom you share the road.

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