Sales in Recreational Vehicles (RV) skyrocketed last year as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in the international community. Data from Statista showed the wholesale shipments of RVs rose to 430.41 in 2020 from 406 in 2019.

With orders closed, massive shutdowns of establishments, and rampant furloughing people want to escape.

As people want to get away for a while from the humdrum quarantined life, a lot found solace in traveling through their RVs. Not only does it provide safety when traveling amid COVID-19 restrictions, but it also provides comfort and ease getting to places.

Now with recent vaccine rollouts, the summer of 2021 seems promising. Though international travels are still heavily controlled, you may always consider going camping for your vacation on your RV.

Since today’s outdoor activities are unlike before, here are some handy must-haves for your RV camping this summer.

1. Gear Up with Connection Equipment

What makes RV camping different from traditional camping is the presence of electricity and running water.

With those elements present, you should include in your RV checklist appropriate water and electric connection equipment. Having these pieces of equipment lessens the likelihood of you using public facilities, which are quite risky.

The said equipment should include but is not limited to a water pressure gauge and regulator, electrical cord, and other necessary wiring, a clean hose for your drinking water, and the likes.

Similarly, the aforementioned equipment is also necessary even if you are planning to have exclusive off-grid camping. They are to be used before your trip to prepare your water tanks and your RV battery.

2. Pack With You An Emergency Kit

Outdoor adventures are packed with surprises, and among them is a possible mild injury or illness while you are on the vast outdoors.

Since you are not at home, have an emergency kit packed if any of these unfortunate incidents happen.

Although the specifics for the things to include on your emergency kit may vary, you should prioritize the basic needs. A well-stocked basic kit should include pain and anti-inflammatory medicine, sterile wipes and rinse solutions, antiseptic creams, and ointments, gauze pads, etc.

Do not forget to take with you any prescribed medication as well. And with the pandemic still going, make sure you have enough face masks, alcohol, hand sanitizers, and soap packed.

3. Check Your Vehicle Condition

With your RV tuned up and checked for any maintenance before camping, you avoid any chances of your vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road or meeting any untoward incident.

It can be challenging to get help when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Consider that some parts of your RV would require more than just cleaning. Have your RV inspected if it needs a complete brake inspection, wheel balancer replacement, head gasket replacement, or any other necessary maintenance procedure.

4. Outdoor items

The main goal of camping is to enjoy nature.

To make your outdoor experience more welcoming, you consider adding practical outdoor items. Experienced RV campers suggest that having comfortable patio furniture, durable ground cover, and mat will surely make a huge difference in comfort and convenience.

Consider installing a hitch on your vehicle to give more room in carrying these items.

5. Pack Bedsheets, Towels, and Other Linens

Aside from the exterior necessities and must-haves, the interior preparation of your RV should not be neglected.

The indoor area of your RV should be as comfortable and well-equipped as a house. This means packing for the right number of bedsheets, towels, and other linens necessary for your RV camping trip.

6. Carry Some Kitchen Equipment

If you don’t want to risk your health with the good old diner foods along the road, you should also consider having proper kitchen equipment.

Experienced RV travelers consider pots and pans as essential cookwares to have during your RV trip. Worth noting, plates and other utensils should also be considered when securing your dining experience while on the road.

7. Pack Proper Clothing

Since it is summer, you should not be packing too much for your RV camping trip. A couple of light clothes and swimwear would be okay. Nonetheless, ensure you have a jacket and blanket packed in case of cold summer nights.

Carry with your proper footwear to stay comfortable and avoid any injury during your outdoor activity. A pair of outdoor slippers, swimming shoes, and a pair of reliable hiking shoes are a must.

While your destination is important, being prepared for your RV camping is just as crucial.

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