Pickup trucks, also called “pickups”, are small trucks that have an enclosed cab (where the driver seats and operate the vehicle), and an open cargo area at the back. These vehicles are often designed to be more powerful and sturdy as they are commonly used to handle heavy loads, and usually intended for rough and uneven terrain. Pickups are usually used for a means of transportation, but entrepreneurs and business-minded folks can turn these vehicles into a source of income. So let’s take a look at the possible ways you could earn using a pickup truck:

Car Rental

One of the easiest ways for you to earn from your pickup truck is to offer it for rentals. You just need to make sure that your pickup has a GPS tracker installed to prevent it from being stolen.

Moving Services

One of the immediate ways for you to earn with your pickup truck is to offer hauling services. Not every homeowner has a vehicle that can accommodate and transport big furniture that your pickup truck could. As such, you can provide moving services by helping homeowners move their things from one address to another. But, if you don’t wish to drive too far or across cities or states, you can always limit your services to your vicinity only, and use your pickup for other businesses.

Trash Hauling

Homes produce a lot of junk that requires to be hauled away and may be too big or hazardous for local garbage collectors. As such, you can offer trash hauling services and charge extra for dumping fees or extra fees for disposing of hazardous or flammable materials.

Local Business Delivery

You can partner with local businesses that sell huge or heavy products, or require hefty supplies to be delivered for their operations. There are furniture and appliance stores that you can work for to transport their products to customers that have ordered them. You’d only need your pickup, one or two other people to help you carry the materials, and some hauling equipment. Apart from that, you can also earn extra revenue by allowing local businesses to put ads on the side of your pickup truck.

Snow Plowing

During winter or snowy seasons, large amounts of snows can block driveways and roads. You can contact subdivisions, homeowners, and even commercial establishments to hire you to plough snow that’s blocking their homes and buildings.

Food Truck

You can convert your pickup truck into a food truck by customising the back compartment and adding a kitchen and eating space. Food trucks could be a very lucrative business as long as you have the right food, location, and marketing strategy.


Pickup truck

Having a pickup truck can be very convenient as it can both be used for transporting people as well as heavy objects such as furniture, raw materials, and such. And, as you can see in this article, it has almost limitless business applications. So, if you’ve got a pickup truck, you might want to consider one of these business ideas. Luckily, if you don’t have one and still wish to go into a business that uses a pickup truck, you can also take an auto loan, or even take advantage of used pickup trucks for sale.

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