Moving to a new property requires a lot of work, which is why many homeowners opt to use moving trucks to ease the hassle. Some choose to hire local movers for the convenience of having the moving truck with some extra services such as packing fragile things. As for others who are on a budget, just renting out the truck will do. No matter what you go for, it’s a must to know how to pack and load a moving truck properly.

This won’t just ensure the safety of your belongings during transport but also minimize threats for the truck itself. Most homeowners assume that they can pack every household item they could find in the truck, which isn’t true after all. Find out below how and what you should pack and load a moving truck.

Know the size of the truck

The last thing you want to worry about is not fitting everything you need in the moving truck. On the other hand, you’ll be wasting money if rented a truck that is too big. This is why it’s crucial to first determine the right size of truck you’ll need. Based on the cubic feet, truck rental and moving companies can give you an idea of how much their trucks can hold. They can also come up with an estimate based on how many rooms you’re planning to include for the move.

Take note, though, that the rate may still depend on every client’s case. To have a better idea of the right truck size to get, you can call several local movers and rental companies. They can give you details about the right truck size you need and whether you need professional assistance or not.

Prepare the packing supplies

Most local moving companies readily provide packing supplies or boxes. But in case you opted for a truck rental company that doesn’t offer such a perk, you need to shell out extra money and effort in acquiring enough supplies for packing your belongings. You’ll generally need tape, dolly, permanent markets, packing paper, plastic wrap, mattress bags, and different sizes of boxes. Use furniture pads or blankets to prevent scraping and shifting during transit caused by gaps. To hold items in place while on the road, you can use straps for additional safety.

Obtaining such supplies might be costly, so be resourceful in searching for free boxes. Check on your local office depot, liquor store, bookstore, or supermarket for free boxes. Or, you consider joining a community for movers, which usually list their used boxes.

unloading a movers truck

Break down what you can

Now, we’re not recommending tearing up every huge furniture piece you have. Choose what items you can disassemble to minimize the hassle. If possible, disassemble your bed frames into pieces, remove all the dresser drawers, remove lights or bulbs from lamps, and secure them in a different bag for safety. Also, remove all items stored on any shelf or tall drawer, especially fragile ones. What’s more, eliminate cushions and pillows from your loveseat or sofa during transport to cut some weight. Not doing these things can lead to damage and scratches from items knocked over while on the road. Other pieces of furniture that you can disassemble include vanity tables, work desks, dining tables, wall panels, and other shelving units.

Know what not to pack

There are numerous things you shouldn’t load on a moving truck. Items that are combustible or flammable shouldn’t be put on the truck for the safety of the movers and the truck itself. At the same time, there are laws as to what items movers can and cannot transport across the state. The most common ones are lighter fluids, kerosene and gasoline, bleach, ammonia, varnish or paint, motor oil, and matches. Compressed gases such as fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks, aerosol sprays, and household cleaning chemicals are not also permitted for transport of general moving companies.

For personal reasons, don’t pack valuable and sentimental belongings on the truck as well. Keep your important documents, electronics, and family heirlooms with you during the moving day. These include your checkbooks, financial and housing documents, cellphones and laptops, jewelry, fragile antiques, and collectibles.

By following our tips, you can easily move and ensure your belongings will reach the destination in good shape. You also get to avoid paying extra fees by packing up dangerous items for the vehicle itself. Make your moving day a pleasant one by taking notes of all our tips here.

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