Motorcycles are becoming the fastest and best form of transportation in these days of physical distancing. Many people and companies are also exploring the use of motorcycles for delivery services. Haulier service providers are including safety procedures for motorcycle driving and equipment. At the same time, insurers are also the more intent on giving these companies and even individual motorcyclists the kind of security they need on the road.

Most people reviewing motorcycle insurance will only check the premium. This is, of course, important but should not be what will sway your choice of an insurance cover or provider. It would be best if you ideally based your decision on the elements covered in a policy to guarantee you have the highest protection level should anything happen to you or your bike. Other than the basic coverage required in most local and state legislation, you should go the extra mile and get add-ons or riders as they are also called. Here are the riders that will prove profitable for your motorcycle insurance.

Personal Accident Cover

Most personal accident coverage offers compensation when you suffer permanent or temporary disabilities from a motorcycle accident. If the accident is fatal, the insurer will pay a predetermined monetary amount to your nominees. The personal accident cover add-on is the leading alternative for most motorcyclists who opt for a comprehensive cover but is available for all forms of motorcycle insurance.


Zero Depreciation Cover

Your motorbike, like all machines, will depreciate over time. This depreciation results in a decrease in its value. When you are involved in an accident and are seeking compensation from your insurer, he/she will take your bike’s depreciated value into consideration. You might thus receive a lower amount in compensation than you envisioned owing to the depreciation. The zero depreciation add-on is designed to keep your bike’s value fixed and guarantee you get the full amount of your claim.

Consumables Cover

Some parts of your bike are classified as consumables. These are the nuts, bolts, engines, and sealants, among others. Under your primary motorcycle insurance, you cannot claim compensation for the theft of your bike’s consumables. It is thus a smart move to get a consumables add-on that will cover the replacement of these expensive parts if they are stolen.

Pillion Cover

Most motorcyclists will only consider themselves and their bikes when getting insurance. It would be best if you nonetheless also considered the pillion passenger you will have once in a while. With the pillion add-on, a pillion will get a personal accident cover and the necessary compensation when he/she is involved in an accident on your bike.

The above insurance riders will undoubtedly increase the amount you at with for motorcycle insurance. They will nonetheless prove beneficial and inexpensive in the long run should anything happen to your bike. Your choice of an add-on is primarily influenced by your riding habits and the risks you will face. If you are unsure of the add-ons that apply in your case, discuss your options with your insurer. Moreover, you can use this time to negotiate lower premiums for the add-ons.

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