To many people, a garage is a place that’s always left messy. Some people even believe that garages are meant to be messy! Of course, this on its own has a lot of disadvantages. It will make actually using your garage for its intended purpose (having safe storage for your car and tools) difficult, if not an outright hassle. To better manage your garage space, regardless of how big or small it is, here are a few tips to help you out.

Organize Better

The first step to truly maximizing your garage space is to organize everything properly. Take a look at your garage now and check if there are things that are just lying around. Check if it’s looking more and more like an oversized version of your junk drawer as well. If this is the case for your garage, then it’s time you take matters into your own hands and start decluttering. By organizing your tools and equipment, not only are you making better use of space, but you’re actually increasing your tools’ longevity and making your garage safer. They won’t be left scattered all over the floor and become a tripping hazard or end up piling on top of each other and breaking. Like with many things, organizing your garage brings about many benefits, from safety to ease of use.

Store Your Tools Properly

In line with organizing your garage, the next step is to make a proper tool storage system because your tools need their proper place too. Install a pegboard organizer on top of your workstation or across your wall. You can also think about getting a caddy that you can move around, especially if you like to do some work on your car or if you simply like to make your tools a bit more accessible. Once you have a storage system for your tools and equipment, make sure you label them properly and follow your own storage plan. Avoid leaving tools unattended or leaving them where you last used them because this is actually the first step to creating clutter in your garage again. Putting back your things where you’re supposed to store them ensures that you consistently keep the room clean and organized.

Make Use of High Space

You probably already see how vertical space is most useful in a limited area like your garage. Therefore, installing shelving where possible should be no rocket science. Use these shelves for storing tools and equipment that you often use, whatever they may be. Make sure to measure everything first so you won’t have to redo everything. Use the space nearest your ceiling for storing seasonal tools, such as your snow shovel or ski equipment. This can also serve as storage for your holiday ornaments and other bits and baubles that you don’t immediately need but occasionally put out on display.

Park Vertically 


If you have more than one car, a single-car garage is definitely something that’s an impossibility. However, just as mentioned before, vertical space is your ally. Check if your ceiling is more than 10 feet tall. If it is, you can make do even with a single-car garage through the use of vertical parking. Many car repair companies use a double post lift to maximize what space they have. This is especially useful if you have a car that you don’t particularly use often but would like to keep for whatever reason. This can even help you learn the ropes of car repair, as this installation can help you maximize your space.

Add More Outlets

Outlets are necessary for a garage, particularly if you do a lot of work in there. Installing more outlets is a better and safer way to plug your tools. It’s much better than using extension wires that not only clutter your space but can also pose danger. Adding more outlets might seem like a chore, but you will want to have done it when you’re doing a project and you’re always lugging around a long extension cable (which is a hazard on its own!). Consider hiring a professional to help you out, as electricity is something that should be left to the professionals.

Consider Outdoor Storage

If you simply don’t have space in your garage for storing large equipment, why not store it outside? Perhaps you can build an outdoor storage cabinet in your backyard to store your gardening tools instead of trying to cram them all in one corner of the garage. This is very useful if you or others in your family are particularly fond of gardening. You can park your wheelbarrow in your garden shed, install hooks for your rakes and other tools, and put up shelves for your pots and other gardening gear. This way, you can separate your garage work from your garden work in a more organized manner.


There are many ways to revamp your garage to make it all functional. It all starts with removing clutter. Once this is done,  you can slowly transform the space into the functional area it was meant to be.

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