Many businesses saw revenues go down when the pandemic started. But the situation did not deter people from opening businesses in the middle of the health crisis. While many open online retail businesses, other businesses also thrived as people saw opportunities during the crisis.

And over a year after the pandemic started, the situation has improved. This paves the way for people who plan to open a car shop as the economy starts to recover. Opening a car shop is a good idea since people use their cars more often since they are wary about taking public transportation due to the virus.

Here are some things that you should consider if you plan to set up a car shop.

Decide on the Services to Offer

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the services your shop will offer. There are several types of car shops, and each type offers specific services in the market. The equipment and tools you need are also different. So deciding on the type of shop or services you offer is a good way to start on the right foot.

A body shop focuses on auto body repair on the exterior of a car. Its services include replacing damaged body panels and fixing scratches and dents. A tire retail shop provides tire services to car owners. It sells a wide range of tires and offers tire repair services. On the other hand, a transmission shop specializes in the transmission of the vehicle. The shop services, repairs, and maintains the transmission of a vehicle.

These are just some of your options on the type of shop to open along with the services they offer. Aside from the tools and equipment, each shop also has its employee requirement. So you should decide which one you’ll open.

Consider the Expenses

Another important consideration is the cost of setting up the shop. Aside from the rent and utilities, you should also consider payroll expenses, the cost of acquiring tools and equipment, and the cost of modifying the place to make it suitable for the shop.

The equipment the shop needs depends on the services it offers. But there are some basic tools that you should buy for the shop, including ratchets, wrenches, and hex keys. The shop should also have car lifts to make it easier for your mechanics to work on the car.

Getting a flat top trailer from is a good idea, especially if you need to pick up a client whose car broke down along the road. These trailers are durable and versatile. They allow you to load cars and other vehicles that you need to bring to the shop.

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Get the Necessary Licenses and Permits

Starting a business requires permits and licenses from the state and federal governments. A business operating without a license will result in fines and the closure of the business. So, you need to check the licenses and permits you need to get to start an auto shop.

You should also check if you need an endorsement to work on heavy-duty vehicles in your state if you plan to work on these types of vehicles. Make sure to complete the requirements to get the necessary endorsements to avoid issues in the future.

You should also consider getting an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. While the certification is not a requirement, it increases the shop’s chances of getting liability insurance. It also allows you to find funding sources for the business.

Develop a Business Plan

You should also create a business plan to guide you in your business. The business plan provides information about the business, its market, competitors, and funding sources. It also shows how the business operates.

Developing a business plan is challenging. But it is necessary if you plan to get external funding for the business. Financial institutions check the business plan to see if they can get a return on their investment. So, you should make sure that the business plan covers everything about the business to increase your chances of getting the necessary funding.

Work on Funding

Starting a business does not always require you to use up your savings to fund it. You have the option of getting external funding through private and public financial institutions. But you should make sure to have the business plan ready since these financial institutions require it to evaluate the potential of the business. You should also make sure that the business earns enough to pay off the loan you’re getting to start it.

Setting up a car shop allows you to meet a demand in the market that increased due to the pandemic.

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